Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My One-Month-Jogja

Dear bloggy,

Still, my body is trying to dry my sweating body after biking in the morning. Well, one of my fave thing of Jogja is when enjoying the road. In the morning, I used to chase a sunrise on a Kali Code bridge. In that time, I rode my motorbike. Watching Merapi mountain from far away. Today, ehm, this morning, I put my ass on a bike. Measuring meter by meter from Sendowo to Super Indo Jalan Kaliurang then turned around.

The thing is, I do love Jogja. Some people might say that I can't get out of the comfort zone. Whatever. For me, my comfort zone is Palembang. Where I can get everything. Foods, money, family, car, or so whatever else. I didn't even wash my clothes!

Here, I do all by my self. Mmm, with some helps obviously. But seriously. I don't mind that I have to row a friend's bike to get to somewhere which is out of my by-foot-coverage-area. Or, without riding a motorbike. And am not so sure that I would love to do that in Palembang. Hahaha.

Since it has one month after leaving, I still a jobless. But am happy. That's it. That's all what I've got so far. Do you mind? I don't. Because I have to learn that, life is about process, not goal. But hell yeah, am a crazy person if I don't want a goal. The problem is, no no no. There's no a "problem".

Am good. Ciao!

*save for the best of the rest*

-Xiao Aya_

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Trembling Hands

Dear bloggy,

Just like usual, I can't sleep yet. Watching Korean drama online with my new Ah* modem. Then suddenly it stops and so many things come into my head. Like, BUMP! I miss college. I miss radio. I miss being so rude of my own passion. I miss yesterday(s). 

Trembling hands, I'm on my own, throw me a line, afraid that I have come here (again)...

Almost a month since I got here. Dumped my self into this memorable (damn) small city. Yesterday I got my bus ticket to come back to my hometown on next 10 August. Tonight, am a little bit scared of being interrogated as soon as I come back by my parents. About, what have I done for a one-month-Jogja's. Well, actually I don't have so many answers to explain to them. I haven't (or didn't) apply for any kind of job since two weeks ago. Right now am still fighting with my self. Yes sir. I have to combat this 26-years-old-girl. I can't promise my mom and dad except that I wash my clothes by my self. I mop the floor oftentimes. I wake up in the morning (even in the very beginning, I fin my self for 5000 IDR if I over sleep). I keep my room neat. I even watering the flower in the pots, saving them from death. While, maybe, am on my own to my death. Hahaha.

Not that scary, actually

Mucho <3

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Funny Little World

Dear bloggy,

Sometimes, you dont have any idea about what a social media can bring in a time.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

There's No Such a ...

Dear Bloggy,

There are a lot of things called happiness. Wake up in the morning. Getting well from fever. Take a look an old photo on the wall. Showering sweating body. Even just to pull out shit from my nose.

But there's no such a thing called happiness if,